Fit out Jobs

Ceiling Works

Suspended ceilings are a popular choice for business and home improvements all over the country. Also known as hanging ceilings, drop ceilings, and false ceilings, they are suspended from the main structural ceiling of a given building, leaving a small cavity between the two. The suspended ceiling itself can be removed from its mount in order to access this cavity in the event of any servicing or maintenance requirements.

Apart from the wealth of equipment you can include into the design of your false ceiling, there are many other added advantages: Neat and tidy, noise reduction, energy efficient and A modern look.

The selection of suspended ceilings may depend on: Aesthetic considerations, the requirement to incorporate fittings necessary for building services, requirements for acoustic attenuation and absorption, hygienic requirements, the need to provide fire separation, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, cleaning requirements, thermal insulation, tile thickness and size.

Cladding Works

The main reason for choosing cladding is that it adds a layer of protection to a building. Cladding actually increases the mechanical strength of any building, while offering protection from a range of elements. Buildings that incorporate cladding are more resistant to cracks caused by temperature or climate change, water absorption, sunlight and all kinds of pollution compared to non clad structures. Cladding surfaces can also offer protection from rain, humidity, mould and strong winds.

The low maintenance aspect applies no matter the material used. For instance, extruded aluminium cladding is often used for canopies, façades, roofs and column covers due to its greater stability and resilience. These features ensure a building is protected from the worst that the elements can throw at it, whilst requiring very little up-keep. Stone or brick cladding is an even better maintenance-free option although it can be an expensive cladding option in terms of up-front cost.

Flooring Works

As a builder or re-modeller, Ascend Fit-outs, proposes to clients our choice of flooring materials which satisfies our customer’s needs and desires, as well as the project budget.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles: Hard glazed squares typically made of ceramic or porcelain. Hardwood and Bamboo: Any flooring that is milled from a single piece of timber. Oak, walnut maple and hickory are common types of wood used for Hardwood flooring. Bamboo flooring is similar to hardwood in performance, cost, installation, and maintenance. Laminate flooring: essentially is a low-cost alternative to hardwood. It's made of wood pulp and resin and can look a lot like real wood, but discerning buyers can tell the difference.

Vinyl and Linoleum: are different materials but are similar types of "resilient" flooring. Both come in easy-to-install tiles, planks, and sheet forms. They are highly durable and moisture-resistant and come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Glass Works

Entrust the delicate works with glass to our professionals. Installing glass panels, railings or carrying out replacement works of broken glass may be hazardous, if done incorrectly. Our staff have years of experience and are skilled in carrying out glazing work from the simple to the most complicated of tasks, giving you peace of mind.

Ascend Fit-out, offers the full range of system and custom-designed glass and aluminium doors, windows and curtain walling incorporating full thermal breaks, wide scope of Aluminium and Glass works. Canopies, Railing and Balustrades, Skylights, Frame and Frameless Glass system, Automatic doors, Revolving doors, Pergolas, Louvers, Spider system, etc.

Wavy patterns, floral designs on mirrors; frosting glass for privacy; tinting for a cool effect. These are just some of the glass works that we can carry out in accordance to your preferences and taste. We are specialised in both residential and commercial projects. Working together with property owners, contractors, interior designers etc.

Parking Shades

We offer a great variety of models where customers are able to choose between a wide range of colours for the fabrics and for the steel structure. The fabrics are easy to clean and require no maintenance. They are designed to withstand strong winds and even snow. We have wide range of structures to explore: Superspan HIP, Two post HIP, Single post Cantilever, Mariner, Coolbrella, Waves, Tension Sail, Full cantilever, etc. We can even design more structures as per the Clients requirements.